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Rob Macrury


At the age of 33 Matthew Maury broke his leg, ending his seagoing days. He then dedicated his life to discovering the “paths of the seas”, something he found in Psalm 8:8. After pouring over thousands of ships’ logs, he published “The Winds and Current Charts of the North Atlantic”, to make sailing safer and more efficient for all who venture out onto the Atlantic. We here in Ottawa are dedicated to putting our faith in God and His inspired Word by pouring over the Bible to discover that which is concealed by God, as per Proverbs 25:2.

So far, we have discovered that God has a consistent pattern for outlining all of His books and at the same time teaching the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit and how to develop them in your life. God also communicates wisdom and prophecy through the genealogies in Genesis and gives us great insight through the definitions of people’s names. In fact, the whole book of Ruth is revealed through all the names of that book. The book of Hebrews can be memorized by knowing the marching orders of the Israelites in the wilderness travels, described in the Torah.

We have also discovered that numbers are a great tool given by God to make memorizing easy. Jesus’ last eighteen hours uses the number ‘3’. Acts is best memorized in units of three years. Patterns of three can be found throughout the Bible, all of which points to one Author, the Holy Spirit.

In John 2, Jesus challenges us to change water into wine. In John 14:12, “…he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do”. On the spiritual level, the water is the Old Testament and there are great Truths concealed that we are dedicated to discovering. Our websites were created to share these incredible Truths with you. To know how the Ten Plagues in Egypt point to the Person and miracles of Jesus, is inspiring. To see how the Tabernacle in the wilderness points to the Messiah and instructs us regarding entrance into the body of Christ today, is uplifting indeed.

We have not written a book yet, but our two websites, YouTube channel and Facebook page hold enough material to keep a person busy for a year. Our breakdown of all four gospels empowers you to memorize all four books with deep insights, recognizing the patterns with which only God could write, thus proving the inspiration of the Scriptures.

Who we are, and what our history is, inconsequential; however, what we have done and freely provided to you is of great value because it empowers you with even more of the Word of God than what you now have. DNA in living creatures proves there is a Creator: there had to be a Mind that created such a wealth of information beyond this material world. God’s Word is the spiritual DNA given to help men become children of God, created in His image, to help us focus on becoming able to love Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, so we can love our neighbor as we love ourselves (John 13:34).

Personally, I grew up living in five provinces, in a Canadian military family, before becoming a child of God at the age of 30. I was trained in Denver, 30 years ago, and I have been blessed with a wonderful wife and 3 great kids. Living here in Ottawa as a servant for the body of Christ for 27 years and consider myself to be blessed to be a part of a growing family of Christ, dedicated to serving God and His people.

RJ MacRury

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