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Jesus Birthday

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A look at reasoning the date of Jesus Birthday.
                            JESUS BIRTHDAY  10TH of ABIB

                                    Today Friday April 12

                               Passover is Tuseday April 15


                                               Let us reason with the scriptures.

Lk.3:23          He was about 30 years old when He began His ministry.
Jn.2:1-12       His first miracle was water to wine then He went to
                      Capernaum, then to Jerusalem for the Passoverwhere He
                      cleared the temple beginning His ministry at a Passover.

Lk. 2:41-52   When He was 12 yrs old He went up to Jer. for the Passover
                     according to the custom of the feast.
Dt.16:16;      Custom is all men must worship three feasts.
                     Passover; Pentecost; Tabernacles; 
                      A boy becomes a man at his 13 birthday (bar mitzpah)

                     Jesus must have celebrated His birthday at the feast
                     because He was only 12 when He went up.
                     Your mother is your teacher until your 2 yrs old. 
                     Your father is your teacher until your 13 yrs old.
                     BAR = son; MITZPAH = commandments. A child cannot
                     speak or ask questions to a Rabii and we see Jesus
                     speaking to them for 3 days. If He was a boy He disobeyed
                     His parents by not returning with them, but if a man, no sin,
                     "He had to be in His Father's house"  vs.49.

Ex.12:1-13   Law of the Passover - on the 10th of Abib pick a lamb
                     unblemished, 1 year old, male. Jesus is the Lamb of God, Jn.1:36; 
                    a perfect 1 year old lamb would be born on the 10th of Abib,
                    Thus Jesus was born on the 10th of Abib.

                    Passover is set by the first full moon after the spring equinox
                    March 21st. The full moon is the 14th and counting backwards
                    you find the 10th, Jesus birthday. Which would have been the
                    day of His triumphal entry which was Monday not Palm Sunday.

Lk.1:36;       Jesus' cousin was 6 months older than Him which would make
                    John's birthday the 10th of Tishri, the day of Atonement,
                    The day the High Priest enters the Holy of Holies for the
                    forgiveness of the people, Lev.23:26;
                    This was the day John began baptizing in the Jordan for the 
                    forgiveness of sins Lk.3:3;

                   This would be about Sept./Oct. then Jesus would have been
                   baptized in  Feb. - 40 days in wilderness, tempted by Satan,
                   Jn.2:1-12; off to Cana to say good-bye to His mom for it was
                   time to begin His ministry. His first miracle at the wedding,
                   Jn.2:12ff  pick up the guys fishing, then off to the Passover
                   where He kicks off His ministry clearing the temple
                   Right after His birthday as He turned 30 yrs old.

                   God does not do anything randomly.
                   Gal.4:4; but when the fullness of time came...


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